If you have video files taking up space on a hard drive, you are missing out on a valuable passive income stream.

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Selling stock footage is one of the easiest ways to earn longterm passive income. Problem is, stock footage websites require the footage to be edited, color corrected, and encoded with the proper settings – and many hobbyists don’t have time to go through hours of footage.

I’ve edited, submitted and sold $1000’s worth of stock footage for myself and clients and can do the same for you, for a small fee that most clients recoup in a matter of weeks or months.

Base prices start at $1 per minute of raw footage that you provide. And for as little as $100, I will include a 2-3 minute short film that can be kept as a personal memory of your trip, shared on social media, or uploaded to Youtube for further monetization.

I have edited short films and 1000’s of hours of stock footage for clients from DisneyNature, Netflix, Cirque Du Soleil and National Geographic. Some of those, a few samples from my amateur clients, and some shorts from my personal collection are in the playlist above. Click the button in the top left-hand corner to view any samples you like.

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It happens to everyone. You get a new GoPro or Drone, take it on a few trips, and then the files sit on a hard drive until you have time to go through it. Even worse, some people eventually lose interest in the camera altogether because “they’re not doing anything with the footage anyway.”

You don’t have to be professional cinematographer to shoot valuable footage. Modern consumer cameras, even phones, shoot professional quality video – so anyone that’s in the right place, at the right time, can earn money for a lifetime off of the perfect shot. The perfect shot…that could be sitting on your hard drive right now.

TripodCanyonlandsWUpworkI (Trevor Finchamp) started my career in 2012 as an assistant editor for Moving Art (seen on Netflix). My job was to quickly sort through hours of raw footage, cut the highlights to sell as stock footage, and edit together a creative short. During my time there, I was trained on exactly what footage SELLS and how to prep it the way buyers want it.

Since then, I’ve helped dozens of clients, ranging from world renown cinematographers to casual iPhone point-and-shooters, sell stock footage and share memories from their vacations or adventures.

Want references? Check out reviews from dozens of clients on my Top Rated Upwork account. We can even work through them if you’d like a 3rd party involved in the transaction.

Pricing starts at $1 per minute of raw video.

For this price I will cut out the highlights, color correct and export them for you to sell as stock footage.

For $100 more I will cut a 2-3 minute short film that can be shared on social media or monetized for further profits on Youtube. Click here for additional pricing information.

Because my wife and I are such a small operation, I’m able to offer flexible pricing and a personal relationship and accountability with all of my clients. So don’t be afraid to send me a message no matter what your budget is. I will always try to make something work or at least provide by best advice or guidance.

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