About Us

It happens to everyone. You get a new GoPro or Drone, take it on a few trips, and then the files sit on a hard drive until you have time to go through it. But a lot of people do this as a hobby, so between work and life, they don’t have time to sit down and go through hours of footage, let alone learn an editing software and creatively cut something to music that they’d want to share on Youtube or social media.

Our editor, Trevor Finchamp, has been doing that exact type of work since 2013. He’s edited for dozens of clients, ranging from world-renown cinematographers to casual iPhone point-and-shooters.

Trevor started his career as an assistant editor for Moving Art (Netflix Original). His job most days was to quickly sort through hours of raw footage, cut the highlights to sell as stock footage, and edit together a creative short film. Because of his professional training, he knows exactly what stock sites are looking for and what will sell, so you can trust that he’ll select and submit all of your best clips.

“I absolutely love my work. I get to look at vacation and adventure footage all day, help clients relive cherished memories, and earn them passive income for years. It’s a win-win all around.”

Trevor Finchamp


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